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Scammers scared of Skype

If you do not take anything else out of this article, this may be the most important finding, The question everyone asks when talking about a scam story “Have they never heard of Skype?” …

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How to ascertain your online date is possibly an online fraud

Searching through the grave waters of online dating can be an intricate task, without having the slightest idea that the person you're dating is nothing but a mirage. This realization automatically leads to the end of such a relationship…

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Slow computer, what could be the reason?

Often times people complain about their PC’s been slow on this same issue all the time, and from our experience over the years, slow running PC’s are caused by not only internet speed.Sometimes junk files….overloaded disk, virus which you contact through unscreened external drives and also programs running in the background of the computer can make it slow. Eliminate or stop any TSRs and startup programs that automatically start each time the computer boots. …

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Regular Computer Maintenance/Check ups

To ensure smooth running computers at all times, it is important to perform regular checkups /maintenance on your PC. This process can be carried out weekly or monthly as the case may be depending on the category of usage.For heavy users as well as light users of PC, regular virus/malware scan is very essential, making sure that your system backup and window security updates are up to date, how much disk space is left, servicing and cleaning the inside of your computer case to remove dirt or dust to retain airflow and keep the system cool. …

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